Grady Sports Racers

More info coming soon - Henry Grady built two more cars after the Begra cars.


Driven by Ron Hutchinson (FL) in Southeast Div races in 1960's
Traded in late 60's to someone in NC
Currently owned by Barry LeVan (PA)

grady-alfa-01.JPG (135963 bytes)
Grady-Alfa-101.jpg (71882 bytes)
Ron Hutchinson
Grady-Alfa-102.jpg (70543 bytes)
Hutchinson's father (standing)
and crew chief Jack Bacon

Grady-Honda (later called "Honda Maru")

- originally powered by two Honda 305cc motorcycle engines

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Henry Grady
grady-honda-01.JPG (197575 bytes)
original twin 305cc

el-6909-15.JPG (119640 bytes)
Ray Mummery
Sept 1969 - VIR
el-6909-16.JPG (103347 bytes)
Ray Mummery
Sept 1969 - VIR
  Ray Mummery (68-69 ARRC)
Harry Stephenson (70-71 ARRC)
Current location unknown