Beach Racing Cars - Body Molds - 2003

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pa180024.jpg (58407 bytes)
Mk5C - rear mold (part 1 of 2)
pa180025.jpg (60673 bytes)a
Mk5C - rear mold (part 2 of 2)
pa180046.jpg (59707 bytes)
Mk5C - unknown pieces?
Mk5C front  molds are currently on loan to someone fixing his car
pa180028.jpg (55166 bytes)
Mk4B nose mold (part1 of 2)
pa180026.jpg (59290 bytes)
Mk4B nose mold (part 2 of 2)
pa180027.jpg (60299 bytes)
Mk4B nose plug
pa180029.jpg (60215 bytes)
Mk4B rear mold
pa180031.jpg (59086 bytes)
Mk4B firewall mold
pa180038.jpg (57868 bytes)
Mk4B firewall plug
pa180045.jpg (61464 bytes)
Mk4B L&R door molds (with a pair of doors)
pa180034.jpg (50749 bytes)
Mk4B and Mk4B-II L&R side pod molds (3 parts each)
pa180054.jpg (61480 bytes)
Mk4B and Mk4B-II side pod mold (detail of 2 parts)
pa180039.jpg (60949 bytes)
Mk4B and Mk4B-II seat mold
pa180037.jpg (59743 bytes)
Mk4B and Mk4B-II windscreen mold and cracked windscreen
pa180040.jpg (61253 bytes)
Mk4B and Mk4B-II L&R headlamp lens molds
pa180032.jpg (60079 bytes)
Mk4B-II rear deck mold and L& R fender flare molds
(parts 1,2,3 of 4)
pa180033.jpg (62246 bytes)
Mk4B-II rear mold (part 4 of 4)
pa180035.jpg (60824 bytes)
Mk4B-II nose mold (2 parts)
pa180036.jpg (62072 bytes)
Mk4B-II firewall mold (3 parts)
pa180043.jpg (64163 bytes)
Mk4B-II door - ready to make mold?
pa180044.jpg (60397 bytes)
Mk4B-II door - ready to make mold?
pa180042.jpg (59655 bytes)
Nose of Mk4B-II s/n ??
usable condition?
pa180041.jpg (60282 bytes)
Nose of Mk4B-II s/n 108
very poor condition