SCCA SWDIV races 1965-68

If you have any entry lists, results, or photos that might include sports racing classes HM, HSR, or DSR from 1966-69, please let me know - it may help a lot in tracing the history of my 1965 Beach Mk4B sports racer. Thanks!
Nick England, Chapel Hill NC - 

Green Valley June 1965

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Green Valley June 1966

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Info taken from schedules published in SCCA Sports Car magazine and may be incomplete or incorrect. More info welcomed!

Date Track Nat/Reg Region Beach racers Notes
2/13 Green Valley Reg Texas   "Polar Prix"
3/6 ?? Reg Red River    
3/13 Seguin Nat Alamo    
3/27 Conroe Reg San Jacinto    
4/10 Lake Charles Nat SW Lou.    
4/24 ?? Reg Red River    
5/8 Hammond Nat Delta    
5/22 Brownfield Reg W. Texas     
5/29 Corpus Christi Reg S. Tex. Border             
6/5 Green Valley Nat Texas Grammer  
7/3 Galveston Nat San Jacinto   Kingsville?
7/31 Opelousas Nat Cen Lou.    
8/14 Austin Nat? Alamo   "Carrera de la Capital"
8/28 Corpus Christi Nat S. Tex. Border    
9/4 Green Valley Reg Texas    
9/11 Houston Reg San Jacinto    
9/25 Hilltop Nat Red River    
10/2 Green Valley Reg Texas    
10/9 Brownfield Nat W. Texas   cancelled?
10/23 Brownfield Nat W. Texas   cancelled?
1023 Mansfield Reg Red River    
10/30 ?? Reg W. Texas    


2/14 Green Valley Reg Texas   6602-green.jpg (17487 bytes)
3/26 Seguin Nat Alamo    
4/2 Green Valley Reg Texas    
4/30 Chennault Nat SW Lou.   Cancelled?
5/7 ??? Reg San Jacinto    
5/14 Hammond Nat Delta   Cancelled?
5/21 Green Valley Reg Texas    
5/28 Corpus Christi Nat S. Tex Border   Cancelled?
6/18 Green Valley Nat Texas Grammer/Westerheide "Sunburn 66"
7/2 Galveston Nat San Jacinto    
7/9 Poyote Reg W. Texas    
7/16 Marshall Reg Red River    
7/23 Baton Rouge Nat Cen. Lou    
8/6 Austin Nat Alamo Jim Hahn  
9/3 Hammond Reg Delta    
9/11 Green Valley Trans-Am Texas    photos
9/17 Marshall Nat Red River    
9/24 ?? Reg San Jacinto    
10/1 War Bonnet Nat NE Okl Jim Hahn MWDIV
10/1 Mansfield Nat Red River    
10/8 Austin Rcwy Reg Alamo Poor  6610-austin.jpg (19261 bytes)
10/22 ?? Reg W. Texas    
10/29 Green Valley Reg Texas Jim Hahn LeMans start
11/5 Seguin Reg Alamo    
2/11 Green Valley Reg Texas  Jack Gray? "Polar Prix"
3/4 Mansfield Nat Red River Jim Hahn  
4/1 ?? Reg W Texas    
4/15 Austin Rcwy Reg Lone Star    
4/16 Green Valley Trans-Am Texas    
5/6 Clear Creek Nat Alamo   Clear Springs?
5/13 Green Valley Reg Texas    
6/3 Green Valley Nat Texas Jim Hahn,  Jack Gray? "Sunburn 67"
6/17? Opelousas Nat Delta    
6/24 Penwell Reg W. Texas    
7/1 Galveston Nat San Jacinto    
8/5 Austin Nat Lone Star    
9/2 ?? Reg Alamo    
9/16 Galveston Reg San Jacinto    
10/1 Clear Creek? Nat Alamo    
10/14 Houston Reg San Jacinto   cancelled?
11/4 TBA Reg Alamo   cancelled?
1/20 Green Valley Reg Texas     
2/3 Green Valley Nat Texas     
3/2 Mansfield Reg Red River     
3/9  Penwell Reg W Texas    
3/16 Austin Nat Lone Star    
4/27 New Orleans Reg Delta    
5/11 Clear Springs Reg Alamo    
5/18 Penwell Reg W Texas    
6/15 Green Valley Reg Texas    "Sunburn 68"
6/1 Chennault Nat SW Lou.    
7/6 Scholes Field Reg San Jacinto    
?? Green Valley Nat Texas    
7/20 Penwell Reg W Texas    
?? Galveston Nat San Jacinto    
8/3 Austin Nat Lone Star    
8/17 Green Valley Reg Texas    
8/31 Chennault Reg SW Lou.    
9/14 Penwell Nat W. Texas    
9/28 Clear Springs Nat Alamo    
10/5 Clear Springs Reg Alamo   cancelled?
10/26 Penwell Reg W Texas    
12/8 Green Valley Reg Texas