Vintage Sports Car Racing

See Vintage Racing at VIR (Virginia International Raceway)

1970's 6-Hours and Can-Am at Watkins Glen

Complete Results from early ARRC and CSPRRC - SCCA national championships

Check out Apex Vintage for more interesting photos (and for sports car and vintage race car sales and service)
ne-0402-01.jpg (62638 bytes) The trusty Fiat 850 spider was retired after an involuntary inversionary event at Road Atlanta - Peter Krause and Dave Blum have restored a 1965 Beach Mk4B H-modified sports racer which I acquired from Hugh Kleinpeter. It has a Fiat 850 engine with Webster 4-speed. If you have any info or photos of a Beach sports racer, please let me know.

First outing - June 2001

Peter Krause got me started in vintage racing about 25 years ago. For many years I raced his former 1967 Fiat 850 Spider in SVRA and HSR races. Vintage racing is an enormous amount of fun - the racing, the cars, the people, the whole spirit of the events. The H-Production Fiat competed against Bug-eye Sprites, small-bore Minis, and other under 1 liter machines - conservation of momentum is extremely important!
race4.jpg (31055 bytes) Fiat.jpg (57546 bytes)
Having Fun at Road Atlanta
The Fiat is an excellent handling car and at one time there were 5 of them from NC running in vintage racing events in the Southeast.

 I have also raced a 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto (now owned by Ceasar Cone) and a 1967 Abarth OT-1000 (now Tom Ash's). I also once raced a Firehawk series Porsche 944 - graduation exercise at the Akin-White racing school at Watkins Glen was an enduro in 944s. I also had a 1986 944 Turbo used for PCNA, Car Guys, & Track Time events

Here's our North Carolina vintage racing gang  

In the Abarth OT1000
944-clt-89-01.JPG (153196 bytes)
Mary driving the 944T at Charlotte track event
alfa1.jpg (30755 bytes)

alfa2.jpg (13711 bytes)

In the Alfa Duetto 
(Jefferson 500 race at Summit Point)


944-atl-1988.JPG (1239089 bytes)
In my 944T at Road Atlanta track event

944-glen-88-01.JPG (200486 bytes)
Nick, Mary & 944T posing at Watkins Glen

944.gif (53845 bytes)
In a Firehawk 944 at Watkins Glen

The K&E vintage racing compound at Savannah's Roebling Road

Check out Apex Vintage for more interesting photos (and for sports car and vintage race car sales and service)

Check out my History of Virginia International Raceway (VIR), a wonderful track that was closed for 25+ years but has been resurrected !! Tons of Photos, Programs, Entry Lists, Results, etc.

History of Beach and Begra Sports Racing Cars

Another Project - American Road Race of Champions Results 1964-75

Some friends autocrossing

For some good leads, check out this interesting Vintage Racing page.
I have had some other vintage sports cars as well.
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