Computer Graphics/Imaging Display Hardware History - Misc. Notes

Please send me e-mail with additional info, links, photos, corrections, etc.- my memory is fuzzy!
Last update - 24 July 2023  


So far I have concentrated on U.S. development simply because I am most familiar with it. 
Please send links or info on early development work and products elsewhere.

My rough criterion for "Early" is that the device was external to a computer - no workstation or PC plug-in boards. 
Roughly restricted to pre-1985 or so. 

I've also stuck to systems that a user could program from a host computer. 
I have omitted display systems that were "closed", e.g.

Early computer graphics research labs - I need more info!

Early Research Lab Raster Display Systems

Early Commercial Raster & Vector Display Systems

1977 SIGGRAPH Exhibitors List - I need more years.

Adage Inc - Billerica MA

ADI (Applied Dynamics Inc) - Ann Arbor, MI

AED (Advanced Electronic Design) - Sunnyvale CA

Ampex - Redwood City CA

AT&T Pixel Machines - Holmdel NJ

Aurora Systems

Aydin Controls - Port Washington PA

CDC (Control Data Corp) - Minneapolis MN

Child Inc - Overland Park KS

Computer Displays Inc - Waltham MA

Computer Image Corp - Denver CO

Computer Video Corporation - Columbus OH

Comtal Inc. - Arcadia CA

Data Disc Corp. - Sunnyvale CA

De Anza Systems Inc - Santa Clara CA

DEC (Digital Equipment Corp) - Maynard MA

Digitech Inc - Raleigh NC

Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp - Salt Lake City UT - wikipedia

GE (General Electric Space Division) - Daytona Beach FL

Genisco Computers (Genisco Technology Corp) - Irvine CA

Graphicon (later Star Technologies) - Research Triangle Park, NC

Grinnell Systems - San Jose CA

IBM (International Business Machines) - Armonk NY

Ikonas Graphics - Raleigh NC

Imlac - Waltham MA

Information Displays, Inc. - Mt Kisko, Mt Vernon NY

Intel - Santa Clara CA

International Imaging Systems (I2S) - Milpitas/Sunnyvale CA

ISI (Interpretation Systems Inc) - Overland Park KS

Jupiter Systems Inc. - Berkeley CA

Lexidata - Billerica MA

Lundy - Paramus NJ

Megatek - San Diego CA

Pixar - San Rafael CA

Ramtek Corp - Santa Clara CA

Raster Graphics - Tigard OR

Raster Technologies - Billerica MA

Sanders Associates - Nashua NH

Seillac Co. Ltd. - Tokyo

Silicon Graphics Inc (SGI) - Mountain View CA - wikipedia

Spatial Data Systems - Goleta CA

Spectragraphics - San Diego

Tektronix - Beaverton OR

Trancept Systems Inc - Raleigh NC

Vector General - Canoga Park CA

Vectrix - Greensboro NC

Vicom Systems

Videographics - Berkeley CA

Early Flight Simulator Image Generator Systems

Additional Resources

Some other computer graphics/imaging history references - in no particular order. 
Not necessarily strictly about hardware and some are games/fx/animation-centric

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