Cary NC Hamfest - July 17, 2021

This is a small but usually interesting hamfest. It was good to see friends again.
I only took a few photos of some boatanchor gear

Free to a good home
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IMG_6101.JPG (4112954 bytes) IMG_6102.JPG (4425962 bytes) IMG_6103.JPG (4033928 bytes)
IMG_6104.JPG (4133509 bytes) IMG_6105.JPG (7334246 bytes) Crystal City!
IMG_6106.JPG (7005114 bytes)
IMG_6107.JPG (4127915 bytes)
IMG_6108.JPG (4218883 bytes) You never know what will show up....
IMG_6109.JPG (5574463 bytes)
IMG_6110.JPG (5030995 bytes) ----