Novice Ranger I Transmitter

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Here's a Ranger I that someone converted for novice use - All the modulator parts were removed. Final  was changed to a 2E26 and runs off the LV supply. Mostly interesting because they did such a fanatical  job of making sure no single bit of AF circuitry was left in place.

p7120001.jpg (50535 bytes)
Modulator area
p7120012.jpg (56234 bytes)
Modulator/Speech Amp area
p7120003.jpg (58490 bytes)
Final with 2E26 and extra loading caps.
p7120004.jpg (74882 bytes)
Final with extra cathode resistor
p7120006.jpg (63080 bytes)
Parts that came along with it - tubes, mod xfmr, AF driver xfmr, etc.