K4NYW vintage ham shack - all gone to new homes now


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Storage Area - See this page for some unbuilt kits that I used to own

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shack-939.JPG (132329 bytes) shack-942.JPG (92857 bytes) shack-941.JPG (90225 bytes) Hamfest Vehicle

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Last of the Heathkit green equipment - April 2010 - Click here for individual photos

GC-1A Mohican rcvr
HO-13 scanalyzer
HW-10 Shawnee 6m xcvr
HW-10 Shawnee 6m xcvr
DX-60A xmtr
HW-20 Pawnee 2m xcvr
VFU-1 VFO (British)
MR-1 Comanche rcvr
AK-7 spkr
SB-10 SSB adaptor
MR-1 Comanche rcvr
MT-1 Cheyenne xmtr
(in mobile mount)
RX-1 Mohican rcvr
TX-1 Apache xmtr
KL-1 Chippewa linear
UT-1 p/s
HP-20 p/s
heathpile-2.JPG (86731 bytes) HO-10 monitor
HW-20 Pawnee 2m xcvr
GC-1A Mohican rcvr
HW-20 Pawnee 2m xcvr
HR-10 rcvr
DX-60 xmtr
SB-10 SSB adaptor
AK-5 spkr
HO-13 scanalyzer
HO-10 monitor
VHF-1 Seneca VHF xmtr
HX-20 SSB xcvr
HR-20 SSB rcvr
HM-11 SWR meter
HD-19 phone patch
HD-11 Q multiplier
PM-2 field strength meter (2)
HD-20 xtal calibrator
HX-30 6m SSB xmtr
HA-20 6m linear
XC-2 2m rcv converter (2)
XC-6 6m rcv converter (2)
HX-10 Marauder SSB xmtr
HX-11 CW xmtr
KS-1 Chippewa p/s
NOS meters for KL-1 Chippewa linear
HA-10 Warrior linear
HW-12, 22, 32 xcvrs
triband HW-12
B-1 Balun coil
MP-1 mobile p/s