VIR - 1962 April - Pre-Race Press

Virginia International Raceway - April 28-29, 1962

Danville, Va., Sports Car Races This Week-End

Roger Penske, Governor's Cup winner at the recent Marlboro sports car races, will be the favorite in his Cooper-Monaco when 166 sports cars compete at the Virginia International Raceway, Danville, Va., tomorrow and Sunday for the President's Cup.

The event is sponsored jointly by the D. C. Region of SCCA and the Civil Air Patrol of Danville. Events will be run rain or shine at the Danville Airport Course. Sunday's races start at 9:80 a.m. with the three-hour feature scheduled for 2:30 p.m.

Challenging Penske of Gladwn, Pa., will be Dr. Dick Thompson in a Cooper-Buick; Briggs Cunningham in his Cooper-Maserati; Duncan Black in a Cooper-Monaco; Walt Hansgen in a Maserati type 64, Bob Holbert in his 1700-cc Porsche among others.