Beach Mk4B Sports Racer - #104

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1970 ARRC

fabricated late 1965, 
shipped 3/1966
Maury Schlossberg Wilbraham, MA Imp Fiat 70-71 ARRC
1972 Michael Bartlett Carbondale, IL
Walpole, MA
Imp Fiat lengthened frame
8/2004 Mary Whitton NC Imp Fiat surfaced after 30 years in storage
 - being restored

Chassis #104 was presumably built in late 1965, because #105 was racing in Nassau at the end of that year. In early 1966, the car was shipped to Maury Schlossberg of Wilbraham, Mass. with an Imp engine and Fiat gearbox. It had a light metallic blue body and was RHD. This is a transition car that looks like Denton's modified #101- a Mk4B-II nose (RHD instrument cluster bubble and radiator exhaust) plus Mk4B rear with flared wheel cutouts. The "duck tail" rear showed up on #106 and all the following cars. This car is the first with the smaller dash panel found in all the later cars.

Schlossberg ran it in the ARRC runoffs in 1970 and 1971. In 1972 he sold it to "someone very tall who cut it in half to lengthen it". Nothing was heard about it for the next 32 years.

In June 2004, the car turned up in a salvage yard in Massachusetts. It had been owned by Michael Bartlett who died around 1974 and the car sat on a trailer for the next 30 years. The salvage yard guys said they fired it up (with ether) and got oil pressure! After having fun racing Nick's #103 and seeing these photos, Mary Whitton acquired the car and plans to restore and race it. Thanks to Joe Hankins for Boston photos.

Click here for new info from John Bates about Michael Bartlett 1972-3.

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Boston junkyard - 7/04
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Boston - 7/04
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Boston - 7/04
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Boston - 7/04
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Boston - 7/04
the engine fires up!
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Boston - 7/04
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Boston - 7/04
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Boston - 7/04
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10/04 - VIR - Mary sees it in person for the first time - (untouched since racing 30 years ago, however car did not pass tech!)
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11/19/04 - home to NC to begin restoration
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11/20/04  - cleaning and disassembly begins
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12/12/04 - Mary celebrates Phase I completion
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04/07 - Chassis repaired and shortened to original length by Dave Blum of Apex Vintage
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10/31/08 - VIR - Back on track for the first time in 34 years
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10/31/08 - VIR - first lap
Click for Mary's detailed disassembly and restoration photos