Beach Mk4B-II Sports Racer s/n 113

shipped 1969

Dr. Bob Baker


Ford 1300

Hewland Mk4

 CSR & Hillclimb car
1970's Tim Faust PA

Ford 1300

Hewland Mk4

 destroyed in crash
1974PHA-baker.JPG (11809 bytes)
Bob Baker 1973
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Mk4B-II #113 was originally sold in 1969 to Dr. Bob Baker, who writes:

"This brings back great memories of Gene and Dory and the car I purchased in Clearwater during my internship in Largo, FL.

I ran across Beach Racing Cars in the Yellow Pages when I was looking for Beach buggies. After visiting the shop several times, we agreed that Gene would build a roadster with a VW engine and suspension. The project evolved as we continued through the planning stages. He said that if I disassembled a wrecked Formula C car that he co-owned, we could use the engine and suspension for my car. After I work on the wrecked car, the other co-owners decided that they wanted it rebuilt. So Gene said he’d build mine from scratch with a proper fully independent suspension and a Formula Ford engine. Later he acquired a 1300cc Lotus Escort engine which kept me in the SCCA “C” Sports Racer category. Since my initial idea was to have a streetable vehicle, we put headlights and a small muffler on it and I borrowed the greater part of the $3400 from a local bank for my “beach buggy” (actually an all-out racecar). 

I attended SCCA Drivers Schools at Daytona and Summit Point, West Virginia. After moving to Harrisburg, I ran a few seasons with the Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association with moderate success. When I moved to New York, I sold my Beach to Tim Faust, a more aggressive racer who totaled it and nearly killed himself."

The demolished car was evidently pushed into a dump many years ago.