James Brooks' Beach Mk5B in Belgium

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Info from James Brooks in 2008 -
    I bought my Beach in March 2005 from a friend of my father, called Rick Voncken. Rick used to collect F Vee's (not specifically Beaches); they were literally stacked in his garage. However, the past few years, he has sold most of them. And I've been lucky to get my hands on one of them.
    As you might have already noticed, I bought my Beach from the same guy who sold Jean Cevaer (article on your website) his Beach. In fact, the engine in Jean's formula used to be in my Vee. And I guess it was part of the same lot that came over from America in 1965. I've attached a copy of the original shipping documents and the envelope it came in. Also some before and after pictures (pics are dated). Still a work in progress though. I wasnít able to find the identification plate (with the s/n) on the chassis. I suppose itís missing, but maybe I somehow overlooked it. Could you please let me know where on the chassis this plate (normally) should be  located?
    According to Rick Voncken, the cars were delivered in Holland and bought by Arie Luyendykís father (my car, anyway). As you may already know, Arie used to race in Formula Vee series and later on in Formula Super Vee series. In 1984, he moved to the States and won the Super Vee championship and became Rookie of the Year. He then moved on to Indy Car and won the Daytona 500 twice in his quite impressive career.
    Rick bought the Beach from Luyendykís father, made some modifications, raced it for a couple of years and after that is was sitting in his garage, gathering dust. Then I bought it.
    I bought the car without an engine, so I had a 1300cc engine built by a local VW and Porsche expert. Pretty much standard, according to the vintage regulations. The gearbox hasnít been touched. The body has been repaired and repainted. The previous owner had painted the car with a brush (!) in the most horrific colours! Mostly paint leftoversÖ
    Iíve installed new brake and clutch pumps. The brake pads have all been replaced by new ones. The roll bar has been lowered, because Rick once went quite overboard with elevating it, after being disqualified for a race on account of the roll bar being too low. A new dashboard has been created with a new rev meter & oil pressure gauge. The new exhaust has been handmade by a sports exhaust designer. The horizontal muffler can easily be removed without the use of tools. Iíve also installed a Sparco six-point harness. And finally, the taillight has been changed. Thatís about it for the modifications up until the present day. Iíve done some testing at the Circuit of Zolder (Belgium) and Iím planning on racing it next year.

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31-07-2005~ 01 (2).JPG (61945 bytes) 31-07-2005~ 03 (2).JPG (69340 bytes) 31-07-2005~ 04 (2).JPG (53559 bytes) 10 Mk5B cars imported to Holland - 1965 s/n 107-116
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