Beach Mk 4B Series II Sales Brochure
August 1966

The new Beach Mk 4 B Series II, designed and developed for F - G - and H Modified racing.

BEACH mark 4b

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"The Beach Mk 4 B fresh from the factory in racing trim."

BEACH            MARK             4B

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COMPETITION COMPONENTS, INC., 2028 Gentry Street, Clearwater Florida 33515
All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. August 1966.
Prices are Ex-Factory, Clearwater, Florida. Freight and Crating charges are not included.

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"Neat and easily accessible cockpit for the Mk 4 B. Note: the cluster dash and double contoured windscreen, non-glare dash panel, and dished chrome spoke steering wheel."



RELIABILITY is built into the 4 B by careful engineering design and quality workmanship. Use of the proper materials and weight balance gives the car chassis and suspension strength and at the same time light weight.

One privately owned Beach Mk 4 B has even been called infallible, but we prefer to just say it's the reliability built into every Beach car at the factory. However, this particular car, owned and driven by J.W. Denton of Hiawassee, Georgia, has set a beautiful competition record. In the current 1966 racing, season Mr. Denton has entered his car in all six National Championship Races and won all six races, including the heat races on Saturday. This record has earned him 54 points and a trip to Riverside Raceway in California. At the annual Chimney Rock Hillclimb, Mr. Denton entered the car, winning fourth overall and shaving down last year's H Modified record by 22 seconds.

With such a competent driver and the quality, reliability, and handling of the Beach Mk 4 B you can be a winner too, whether F G or H Modified.

If you don't believe us, write Mr. Denton, he'll tell you.

REFINEMENT of details and excellent craftsmanship on the 4 B are a joy to behold and interesting from the functional standpoint. Instrumentation is legible and all controls and switches are located where one may easily come to grips with them. Seats are adjustable lightweight fiberglass shells, fully upholstered with padded heavy duty vinyl. The adjustable steering wheel has dished chrome spokes and black plastic rim with smooth operating gearshift close at hand in the same finish.. Attractive non-glare crackle finish is applied on the dash and instrument cluster hood.

Many other refinements are to be found under the gleaming finish of the all fiber glass body. The radiator is fully ducted by a one piece fiber glass duct which also provides the mounting for hydraulic systems reservoirs. Located in the right rear rocker panel is a fiber glass battery box and cover.

The suspension components are all of the highest quality and maximum strength. Anti-roll bars are fitted front and rear in conjunction with shock   coils, disc brakes, Airheart calipers and precision machined hub carriers. All bearing surfaces are bushed and have grease fittings.

The rigid heliarc welded tube frame, stressed aluminum belly pan and neat fitting fiber glass body contribute to the solid roadable feeling of this competition machine.


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"J. W. Denton from Hiawassee, Georgia on his way to another win in his Beach Mk 4 B."