Classic Heathkit Hi-Fi Gear

This is a list of some of the classic Heath hi-fi gear with that "1959 Chevy Look".

Great plastic knobs, lots of chrome, tan leatherette case, etc.

Luggage-Tan color scheme - With Chrome Trim - Stereo

Type Model Add'l photos Features New Kit Price

Stereo Integrated Amplifiers

x AA-21 kit 70 watt transistor $134.95
x AA-100 kit 2 x pair 7591 $84.95
xx AA-151   2 x pair EL-84/6BQ5 $59.95

Stereo Preamplifiers

heath-aa11-101.jpg (23031 bytes)x AA-11 rear, specs, kit


push-button selector
(8) 12AX7, (2) 12AT7
x AA-141   (6) 6EU7 $34.95


x AJ-11 kit AM, FM mono $69.95
heath-aj12-01.jpg (23516 bytes) AJ-12 rear FM mpx stereo $69.95
x AJ-30 kit AM, FM mono, AM+FM $99.95
x AJ-32   AM, FM mpx stereo $89.95
xx AJ-41   AM, FM mpx stereo $119.95
xheath-aj43-01.jpg (23796 bytes) AJ-43 interior transistor AM, FM mpx stereo ?
heath-ac11-01.jpg (49028 bytes) AC-11   FM MPX adaptor

Gray-Ivory color scheme - No Chrome - Mono

Type Model Add'l photos Features New Kit Price
Integrated Mono Amplifiers
  AA-161 kit pair EL-84/6BQ-5 $29.95
  AA-181   pair 7591 $42.95
Mono Preamplifier
x AA-131   ? ?
  AJ-21   AM $29.95
  AJ-31 kit FM mono $29.95

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Last modified:  18 Nov 2012