VIR - 1957 July Time Trials- Newspaper Photos

Virginia International Raceway - July, 1957

Danville Register

Sequence Photos Of Sports Car At New VIR Track

Members of the Washington Regional Sports Car Club gave their prized speed racing cars trial test runs yesterday afternoon at the newly completed Virginia International Raceway located just on the outskirts of Milton, N.C., and 13 miles east of Danville. The closed circuit runs, at which members of the press and radio were invited to witness, indicated that the initial races carded for Aug. 3 and 4 should be quite successful.

Top picture - Frank Baptista, the national over-all point leader for 1957, straightens out from a curve and heads for the straight-away just in front ofthe reviewing stands in his speedy Lotus.

Second shot - Baptista heads towards the Judges stands and picks up speed.

Third photo- Despite a clocking of better than 80 MPH, the small car appears as steady and smooth as if standing still.

Bottom photo- The Register cameraman gets only a blur as Baptista speeds by running at near top speed of 130 MPH.

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