VIR - May 1958 Race Report & results

Virginia International Raceway - May 4-5, 1958

Hansgen Shows Way To Sports Car Pilots

By DICK SLAY, Washington Star Staff Writer

DANVILLE , Va., May 5 - After three national races run by the Sports Car Club of America it has become obvious that followers of this breed of speed must look behind the main event leader to find excitement.

 Walter Hansgen of Westfield, N.J., unmistakably is a "grade one'' driver but he also is a member of the Briggs Cunningham racing team and is tabbed as the team leader, which is tantamount to being a Bill Hartack for a premium racing stable: He gets the best rides and he, wins with monotonous regularity.

 It happened again yesterday at Virginia International Raceway as Hansgen drove a Lister-Jaguar to victory in the one hour feature event, beating teammate Ed Crawford in another Lister-Jag by 20 seconds. Lance Reventlow, son of Barbara Hutton, brought a Scarab with a bored out Chevrolet engine all the way from Beverly Hills, Calif., to offer competition but finished another minute behind Crawford. It was Hansgen's third straight triumph and put him far in front of the Class C modified standings with 3,000 points.

 The semi-windup covering a scheduled 45 minutes provided the excitement yesterday, Lonie Rix of Charlottesville blew a clutch at the start and jammed the field of 49 starters. Johnny Cuevas in a Porsche smacked him and five cars hit Cuevas. Among the disabled were Fred Moore of Arlington and Dick Thompson of Washington in Austin-Healeys. Moore's LeMans model was done but Thompson limped through one lap in the Mille Miglia before retiring with multiple injuries to the engine.

 Frank Baptista of Hyattsville crossed the finish line No. 1 without power, his Elva having conked out on the last lap which was five minutes overtime because of confusion in the length of the race. Baptista pushed the Elva to the top of the last hill and coasted over.

 In the feature, Fred Windridge of Arlington came home ninth in the 1957 Corvette immediately behind Jim Robinson of Alexandria in his D-Jaguar. Charlie Wallace of Bethesda urged the Cunningham. Jag 150-S into 12th place overall with a blown clutch.

 First race-30 minutes, classes F, G, H, and K. production and H modified-
1 E. M. Pupulidy Freeport N. Y. Porsche Carrera
2 Mike Cappiello Arlington Va. Porsche Carrera
3 R.J. Ferguson Ft Worth Tex. Osca

Second race-30 minutes, classes D and E production and G modifed-
1 Frank Baptista Hyattsville Md. Elva
2 M. R. J. Wyllie Allison Park Pa. Lotus
3 Ed Welch Winston-Salem N. C. AC Bristol

Third race - 30 minutes. classes B and C Production and B, C, D, E and F modified-
1 Ed Crawford Chicago Ill. Lister-Jaguar
2 Walt Hansgen Westfield N. J. Lister-Jaguar
3 Don Sesslar Lancaster Ohio Porsche RS

Fourth race-50 minutes, classes D, E, F, G, H and F production and and G and H modified national championship-
Overall -
1 Frank Baptista Hyattsville Elva
2 Ross Wees Sheffield Pa. AC Bristol
3 Ed Welch Winston-Salem N. C. AC Bristol

Class DP-
1 Reed Rollo Washington Austin-Healey
2 Bob Hathaway Poughkeepsie N. Y. A-H
3 John Holmes Elkins Park Pa. A-H

Class FP-
1 E.M. Pupulidy Freeport N. Y. Porsche Carrera
2 Dick Nash Washington DC Porsche
3 Mike Cappiello Arlington VA Porsche Carrera

Class GP -
1 Tony Briggs Charlottesville Va. Alfa-Romeo
2 Bill Hughes Lake Charles La. Alfa Romeo
3 Bob Grossman West Nyack N. Y. Alfa Romeo

Class HP-
1 Howard Hanna Broomall Pa. Panhard (only finisher)

Class KP -
1 William Harding Richmond Berkeley (only finisher)

Class GM -
1 Frank Baptista Hyattsville Elva
2 Chuck Kurtz Clearfield Pa. Elva
3 M. R. J. Wyllie Allison Park Pa. Lotus

Class HM -
1 R. J. Ferguson Fort Worth Tx. Osca
2 Wiley Reid Charlotte N. C. DB Panhard
3 John Norwood New York NY Bandini

Fifth Race-1 hour, classes B and C production and B, C, D, E and F modified national championship -
Overall -
1 Walt Hansgen Westfield N.J. Lister-Jaguar
2 Ed Crawford Chicago Ill. Lister-Jaguar
3 Lance Reventlow Beverly Hills Calif. Scarab
8 Jim Robinson Alexandria Va. Jaguar D-type
9 Fred Windridge Arlington Va. Corvette
12 Charlie Wallace Bethesda Md. Jaguar XK-150S

Class CP -
1 George Arents Coconut Grove Fla. Ferrari GT:
2 Charlie Wallace. Bethesda Md. Jaguar XK-150-S
3 George Reed Midlothian Illinois Ferrari GT

Class BM -
1 Lance Reventlow Beverly Hills Calif. Scarab

Class CM -
1 Walt Hansgen Westfield N.J. Lister-Jaguar
2 Ed Crawford Chicago Ill. Lister-Jaguar
3 Duncan Black Parkton Md., Ferrari

Class EM---
1 Gaston Andrey Newton Mass. Ferrari 1.9 Testa Rossa
2 Charlie Kolb West Hyattsville Md. Ferrari Mondial

Class FM -
1 Don Sesslar Lancaster O. Porsche RS
2 Bob Holbert Warrington Pa. Porsche RS
3 Roy Schachter Miami Fla. Porsche RS

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