VIR - May 1958 Race - Photos from May 1959 program

Still trying to ID dates on many of these - sorry

click on image for larger versions (sorry for the quality - these are scans of a photocopy)

"Ed Kemm, VIR President, presents
Walt Hansgen with First Place

"An excellent example of why Roll
Bars are mandatory for all racing cars"

"The start - May 1958"

"The Porsches off to a good start"

"Jesse Coleman gives the
go signal"

"Bob Hathaway's Austin Healey goes
thru technical inspection"

"RCA Phone Station - Stations
like this one inform the officials
of race conditions on the track"

"Ace Bristol - Lotus - Alfa dice in front
of spectator hill"

"Porsche spyder under the bridge"

"Pilito Baptista at speed in Lotus"

"Follow the leader - Austin Healey and
2 Ace Bristols - Flagman on corner
gives the all clear signal"

"Fill 'er up, Mack - Pure Oil Co.'s
big transport fills the race cars"

"Cars limber up during practice
on Saturday"
96- George Reed - Ferrari ?

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