VIR History - 1963 April SCCA Nationals - Photos by Bill King

Virginia International Raceway History 1957-74

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Stingray - Ben Moore
TR-4 - Harvey Marks

37- Lola - Art Tweedale

0- 300SL -Guenter Genatowski

59- Ferrari 250GT- Pierre Mion

59- Ferrari 250GT - Pierre Mion

1- Cobra - Bob Holbert

12-Corvette - Don Yenko

1-Cobra-Bob Holbert

33-Cobra- Bob Johnson

Stingray - Dick Thompson

10- Stingray - Dick Thompson

75-Bosch Spl- Joe Buzzetta

11- Grand Sport- Ed Lowther

33-Cobra-Bob Johnson
43- Lotus 23 - Skip Barber

25-Chaparral- Jim Heuer

25-Chaparral- Jim Heuer

25-Chaparral-Jim Heuer

26-Scarab-Don Devine

26-Scarab-Don Devine

26-Scarab- Don Devine

Cobra vs. Scarab

2-Lola-Doc Wyllie

Elva F Jr - Charlie Hayes

21-Lotus 22- John Henderson

Bobsey- Chuck Dietrich
Lola - Doc Wyllie

Elva F Jr - Charlie Hayes
Cooper Mk XI F3 - J.W. Gadwa

96- Jaguar XK-120 - Tom Foreman

4-Daimler 250 - Duncan Black

82-Fiat Abarth 1000 - Paul Richard

4-Daimler 250-Duncan Black
32- TR4 - Dana Kellner

31-Sebring Sprite- Pete VanDerVate

31-Sprite- Pete VanDerVate

TR3 - Ed Diehl
Alfa - Jack Crusoe
Alfa - Robert Bowers


Trophy Time

atty Provins, Jim Thekereld
Karl Gaskins, David Shuffler
Station 11

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