VIR - July 1964 "Sam's Sprints" SCCA Regionals

Virginia International Raceway - July 18-19, 1964    

Entry List (thanks to Gordon Warren)

Race Officials & Schedule

NC Region SCCA Bulletin Report

Complete Official Results (thanks to Gordon Warren)

Race Report - by Bill King in Aug 8-21, 1964 Competition Press

From Roger Blanchard - "Rasey Feezel's Alfa driveshaft broke at the end of the backstraight. I was working there at the flag station. Your communications was a headset and a separate mike that was attached around your neck and had about a 20 foot cord to a connection box on a phone pole. Rasey's driveshaft broke at the front of the car so when it fell down and dug in it vaulted the rear of the car up in the air over and over at 100 plus mph. So here this sucker comes. Right through our flag station, over the blanket and through the chairs, and I am setting a new sprint record until that 20 foot communications line about takes my head off in mid-stride. Ahh, the adventures of youth."

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