VIR - 1965 July/August SCCA Regional Races
July  31-August 1, 1965

Entry List - (thanks to Ceasar Cone) - (previously in Puzzlers section undated)

Official Results (thanks to Gordon Warren)

Photos - by Roger Blanchard (previously dated as October 1967)
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17- Bill Hamilton - Porsche

MGB - Amos Johnson or George Clark
Lotus 7A - Don Dye
Morgan - Pat Mernone
Sunbeam Alpine - Lloyd James

39- D.R. Smolen - Jauar XK-E

47- Pat Maywhew - Porsche

7- Ben Warren - GT-350

31- Pat Mernone or Dick Staples - Morgan

7- Ben Warren - GT-350

21- George Ralph - Elva Mk VIII

Jim Browne / Jake McLaughlin / Bill Sternburgh ?

18- Joe Carter - Elva Courier

21- George Ralph - Elva Mk VIII
39- D.R. Smolen - Jaguar XK-E

Pete Curtis / Tommy Edwards / ?

? / ? / ? / Whit Diggett

21- George Ralph - Elva Mk VIII

Worker Report by Gordon Warren (from NC Region Bulletin)

During the Regional this past July 31-August 1, it was my privilege to assist F & C Chief Bill Brown and Caesar Cone in Control. Before I had a chance to work there, I thought that the people in Control had a pretty easy time of it. Not so! It is an absolute madhouse. I don't see how they are able to do it. One thing that I see even clearer now is absolute value and necessity of good flag station personnel who can make decisions and take the action needed in order to insure the safety of the drivers, and to relay vital information to Control. Several incidents happened during the weekend that stand out very clearly in my mind and make me very proud that I am a member of the Flag and Communications group.

One such incident involved the crew at Station 15, Sam and Dianne Harmon and Ed and Liz Lee. Station 15 has a peculiar problem in that the flag station itself is quite a distance from the phones and is in a dangerous position. Therefore two people are needed on the station along with a safety man, a runner to relay information, and a person to man the phones. Since we were shorthanded that weekend, many stations had to operate with reduced crews and 15 was one. During the races on Sunday morning, a thunder storm came over the track and lightning started to disrupt the phone system. One bolt struck near 15 and the charge traveled through the lines shocking Dianne, who was on the phones, and knocking her out. Dianne was put in a car and Liz drove her to Dr. Fleming at Oak Tree who sent them back to the Pagoda for treatment. During this time Sam and Eddie were having to contend with three cars off course near their station, two involved with metal to metal contact as a result of the extremely slippery conditions.

Sam had taken over the phones and had relayed all necessary information to Control. With the help of some of the crew from Station 14, one car was sent on the way and wreckers were requested for the other two. As soon as she was sure that Dianne would be all right, Liz went back to the Station. Control relayed the information to Sam that his wife was doing fine and during the lunch break, Dianne was taken back to the Station and that afternoon she again was on the phones.

The people involved showed no concern for the dangers involved, but performed their duties and responsibilities with dispatch and without drama. This was by no means an isolated case. Many people manning the phones were knocked down and many crews could have been cited for tough jobs well done. I do not mean to single out Sam, Dianne, and Eddie and Liz, nor, I am sure, would they want to be. But I have worked with these people on Station 15 at previous races, and, therefore, felt very involved with the situation.

The only reward for the crew at Station 15 was the very well meant "Thank You" that applied to all stations, and perhaps that is as it should be.

I would like now to take the opportunity to thank all those who gave me encouragement and criticism, and those who did such excellent jobs in order that the work in Control could go smoothly.

Thank you.