VIR - 1974 October SCCA Regionals
The Last Race at VIR

Official Results

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"REGIONAL-ENDURO" by Carl H. Johnson, Race Chairman
(from NC Region SCCA 1974 Annual)

Traditionally, the last race of the season has been an enduro event with a cash purse. However, this year the race started out under a cloud of questions. Would the national organization lift its ban on enduro races, originally imposed as a fuel saving measure? Could the region, already in a tight financial situation, afford to give cash prizes, or even silver trophies to the winners? Could we got an acceptable date sandwiched between other racing events and local sports events (such as the State-Carolina game)? But things started falling in place as the ban on enduros was lifted and the weekend of October 12 and 13 came open as the best date. A group of members, led bv that intrepid duo of Nick Holland and Joe Bell, contacted a number of local merchants and apparently made them offers they couldn't refuse, as by race time we had a long list of prizes includng Cibie lights, tool sets and case after case of oil. The weather gods, who had smiled on our races all year, continued their work and October 12 came with clear skies, and Gordon Warren assuring everyone that dust (nothing but dry mud) is beautiful.

Despite the addition of several new rules, designed to increase red tape, Sally Zorowski and her faithful crew kept registration flowing smoothly as the number of entrants swelled to 97 cars.

Saturday's practice and 5-lap regional races cam off smoothly, marred only by the injury to Rob Roberson, who flipped his silver Porsche roadster in the up-hill esses. The day was highlighted by a presentation of silver trophies and the best darn picnic and beer party the Club has ever seen. After gorging ourselves on home-made barbeque and brunswick stew, it was agreed that this was a great way to end a season of racing.

Sundy brought the featured enduro events, along with Pete Harkins and his Opel 1900, fresh from a second place finish in the Car and Driver Challenge at Lime Rock the day before. The longer races took their toll in terms of broken transmissions, axles, engines and assorted other mishaps, including several minor fires, but in general it was a good event. The only injury of the day occurred in the SSS-SSC race when Jack Pierce's red Opel-GT, in a close battle for first with Chris Kennedy, rolled at the top of the hill between 14 and 15 and he suffered a neck injury.

The day was topped off by a presentation of trophies and prizes and a can of smuggled Coors beer.

All in all, it was a good week-end made great by the attitude, cooperation and quality of all the workers and drivers. I think it was beat best summed up in the comments I received from drivers, especially those from other regions. These ranged from, "A really nice, relaxed event" and "I'l1 be back next year" to "The best damn race I've been to all year." So thanks to all those who made it possible - somebody does notice.