VIR - 1965 Oct. AAMRR Motorcycle Races

American Association of Motorcycle Road Racers

1965 October AAMRR Race Report (from NC Region SCCA Bulletin)


    On October 9th and 10th the boonies surrounding asphalt of VIR were greeted with a new, wild type of sound. Strange vehicles with such names as Bultaco, Yamaha, Honda, Vincent, Norton, Ducati, Triumph and other Marque made their debut in the wild, wooly hills of Virginia.
    Wondering just exactly what the AAMRR was, we journeyed up to the track bright and early Saturday morning to find a varied assortment of two wheeled modes of transportation uttering staccato blasts somewhat unusual to our sporty car tuned ears.
    Eventually through a unmistakable New Jersey accent on the PA system we discovered that the American Association of Motorcycle Road Racers (AAMRR) would like to start practice only they didn't have any of the flagging personnel that they said they were promised.
     So ... being kind of soul we headed for the Pagoda to offer our services to Lou Otto, Steward of the event. It seemed that flagging and communications wasn't the only problem. The CAP had an ambulance there, but they had left and nobody even had the slightest idea which way the hospital was if anything was to happen. "Oh, well just take it easy fellas."
    After rounding up our complete flagging personnel (3 people) and figuring where the worst spots might be, we put our one man flag stations on 5, 9, and 12, figuring Marti Otto, who was at control could watch the downhills. Thus started practice.
   By far hottest "bikes" there, Ghost-Racing Team with their silver Honda's with blue fairings were quite impressive in the 250 cc and under the the 500 cc and under classes.
    Expecting to find a bunch of rough "chain swinging" group of individuals who never washed we were quite surprised to find one of the nicest groups of people we've met in a good while, even a few former SCCA competition drivers. Hospitality was most prevalent at all times.
    Man, you think things get a little hairy on the first few laps of a sports car race with 2 or 3 cars coming through a corner at the same time. That's just nothing! Try about 10 "bikes", and by God, they really come on strong!
By Sunday we had recruited enough wives, children, dogs, conducted a brief flagging school sufficient enough to cover all but a major catastrophe.
    I'm telling you fella, you couldn't about get me on one of those bikes at the speeds those guys corner, and I bet a few of those guys wish they hadn't rode either. When you lose it on a bike, you really lose it.
Stations 5 and 6 had most of the action Sunday. It's OK when you go off the bank at 5, but it's that ditch out in the middle of that clearing that really throws you - like unto a bullet with the bike sailing right along behind you.
All in all most of the riders were very enthusiastic about the course, saying it was one of the best they had seen or ridden on.
    Hats off to the AAMRR and a bunch of guys with an abundant amount of innards who provided us with quite an exciting weekend.