Ike Eichelberger's innovative sports racer with ground effects skirts and moving bodywork (the rear 3/4 lifted at the flip of a switch) - Debut race at VIR July 1969
- Elva Mk VII chassis, Porsche 904 engine, body design by Ike Eichelberger and Bob Buck

VIR 9/68 original Elva-Porsche
photo by Nick England

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1968? original body

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VIR 9/69 - body down for straights

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VIR 9/69? - body up for cornering
 photo by Ed Cabaniss

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9/69 photos by Ed Lloyd

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photos by Roger Blanchard

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VIR 9/69?
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VIR 9/69 - body up for cornering
 photo by Ed Cabaniss

Spring 1969 at NCSU School of Design - photos by Nick England

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From NCR SCCA Bulletin-
Ike Eichelberger on car development 


From a VIR program - by Phil Allen
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The Porsche-Keil today - restored with Elva bodywork
photos from Jim Derich

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