VIR History - Rumors of Coming Events (that never quite happened)

June 19, 1967 Formula 1 Race? 
(I think this is actually a spoof image put together in recent years)

VIR 19th June 1967.jpg (290577 bytes)

USRRC - "There is some "feeling around" for the possibility of a USRRC. Our Sponsor, the Danville Civil Air Patrol is trying to see if it can get itself organized for such an event which would require a cross-over bridge for autos, improved sanitation facilities, and other improvements. As for the Region, I assume we could probably successfully put on a Grand Prix Race if we had the opportunity, so I see no problems with our end of a bargain. More to be said on this at the next meeting." - 1964 NC Region SCCA Bulletin

FIA 12 Hour Enduro - "In keeping with its new international stature, VIR stages for the first time (August 14/15) FIA sanctioned 12 hour touring car races - an exciting event which normally attracts star European groups such as England's Team lotus (Ford Lotus-Cortinas), Germany's BMW team (BMW 1800 Tis) and Italy's AutoDelta team (Alfa Romeo TIs)." - April 1965 VIR Program

IMSA GHR Oct. 14-15 1972 (tentative) - listed in April 1972 Program's Schedule

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