VIR - August 1957 "Inaugural Grand Prix Sports Car Races"
August 3-4, 1957

(originally scheduled for May, but delayed due to weather holding up construction)

This first race at VIR had entrants including Carroll Shelby, Carl Haas, Bob Holbert, Augie Pabst, Bob Grossman, John Yenko, Dr. Dick Thompson, Walt Hansgen, Bruce Jennings, and many others.

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Race Program

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Carroll Shelby in Maserati 450S - winner of feature race  (from Joel Finn's book, "Maserati: the postwar sportsracing cars")

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Official's Metal Badge
(thanks to George Arnold)

Photos by Rev Raymond E. Oliver, Newport News VA - thanks to Bill Oliver
60- Walt Hansgen - D Jaguar
91- Rich Lyeth - Ferrari 275MM PF Spyder
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60- Walt Hansgen - D Jaguar
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98- Caroll Shelby - Maserati 450S
91- Rich Lyeth - Ferrari 275MM PF Spyder
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30- Paul O'Shea - Mercedes 300SLS
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AC Bristols ready to race
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44-Gene Greenspun - Ferrari 857 Sport Monza
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150? - Ray Heppinstall - Jomar Mk II
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211- Dick Thompson - Corvette
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Photos by Leon Townsend
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Photos by Watts Hill, Jr. 
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Photos by George Arnold
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Photos by Bill King 
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Photos by Harlan Hadley 
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Harlan Hadley Photos Page 2
Harlan Hadley Photos Page 3
Photos from Oct 1957 program
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10/57 Autocourse
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10/57 Autocourse
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10/57 Autocourse

Photos (from May 1959 program) - click on images for larger versions

38 - Maserati 300S - Duncan?
98 - Carroll Shelby - Maserati 450S
54 - John Manting - Porsche
150 - Ray Heppinstll - Jomar
99 - Fred Windridge - Corvette
Dick Thompson
Shelby's Maserati 450S

15 - James Johnston - Ferrari

Newspaper Articles

Carroll Shelby's win - article from May 1958 Program

Race Report - by Dave Allen in September-October 1957 SCCA Sports Car magazine

Car Histories - See Ferrari At VIR

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