VIR - July 1963 "Sam's Sprint" SCCA Regional Races -

Virginia International Raceway - July 6-7, 1963    

Official Entry List (thanks to Gordon Warren)

Partial results

Article - by Frances Walker from July 13, 1963 Competition Press

Photos by Russ Rogers - click here

Photos by Bill King - click here for more

Photos by Roger Blanchard Page 1
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Photos by Roger Blanchard Page 2
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Pete van der Vate - Morgan
wrong date on photo?

Susan Culbreth

Results (from July 13, 1963 Competition Press)
1 AP-1 Ron Gooding Corvette
2? CP-1 Thomas Carroll AC Bristol
3? DP-1 Rasey Feezell Alfa
4 EP-1 Ron Gable Porsche
1 FP-1 Steve Garrett MGA
2 FV-1 Bill Hamilton Formcar FV
3 GP-1 Pete van der Vate Sprite
HP-1 Russ Norburn Abarth
10-lap feature race
1 FJR-1 Pierre Mion Cooper
2 GM-1 Art Tweedale Lola

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