VIR - 1974 SCCA Drivers' School

Virginia International Raceway - May 31-June 2, 1974

"DRIVERS' SCHOOL" by Nick Holland
(from NC Region SCCA 1974 Annual)

The Spring National Race having served to get the kinks out of our race organization, we came to the Drivers' School well organized but strangely understaffed. Do workers really work an early school so as to insure their place at the National Race to follow? With this incentive gone, much credit goes to Rusty Love for stretching the available manpower to operate the course safely.

Chief Instructor and former national champion Jim Fitzgerald was assisted by fifteen other national drivers including another VIR lap record holder Peter van der Vate. This staff greeted over fifty aspiring racing drivers, many experiencing their first contact with road racing.

A trademark of VIR schools has been the variety of conditions under which the students may gain knowledge and experience. The first test was the muddy entrance road on Friday night, a challenge not answered by some until Saturday. The morning featured fog, haze and finally sunshine. The "Sun" in Sunday was soon threatened by an approaching storm. Pass more laurels to Chief Steward Hayden Beatty for compacting the program to give full time on the track with an early conclusion. The storm really let go an the cool-off lap of the last school race.

Nothing breeds kinship like pushing cars and trailers up a hill. The fine quality of the school was demonstrated by the fact that everyone who drove in - drove out.

The gratitude of School Chairmen George William and Nick Holland is expressed to all who persisted in participating.

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