Beach Mk 4 Sports Racer Puzzlers

Disclaimer - I have been calling people out of a clear blue sky and asking them questions about cars they owned 35 years ago. Recollections are bound to be fuzzy and I have been trying to tie together as much information as possible. Everyone has been very helpful (and tolerant!). I may have misunderstood what I was told or done a poor job of figuring things out - any errors and confusion are my fault.

0. Who is Jack Gray of Garland TX and where did his car come from?
Jack Grey was driving my Beach (4-103) in GSR in 1967 - In 1970 he sold the car to Liz Witt - I have no further info on him.
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1. Delaware Mystery Car - What car is this?? 

Entry List for Aug 1971 SCCA Nationals race at Watkins Glen 
Car # 1 - Beach - Orange - DSR
Driver - L. L. Roushen, Dover Del 
Entrant - Forrest W. Glazebrook, Dover NJ 

2. Florida Mystery Cars -

3. Maury Schlossberg Car #104 -  Maurice (Maury) Schlossberg from Wilbraham, Mass. acquired #104 in early 1966 with an Imp engine and Fiat gearbox. It had a light metallic blue body and was RHD - perhaps this was a copy of Denton's #101? He ran it in the ARRC runoffs in 1970 and 1971. In 1972 he sold it to "someone very tall who cut it in half to lengthen it". Nothing else is known since then.

4. Ken Edwards Car - Ken Edwards (Kansas City) was listed as having SCCA National points in August 1967, driving a Beach in HSR. What car could this have been? 

5. John Fleming Car - John Fleming of Columbus OH inquired about installing a Nathan Imp engine in his Beach DSR in 1968. Is this perhaps the Albert Smith car (see below)?

6. Albert Smith Car - Albert Smith in NE Pennsylvania bought a robin's-egg blue Series II car (Imp-powered) from a fellow at Mid-Ohio in 1970-71. Smith thinks the previous owner (maybe named Bob Pegassus?) was from Ohio and supposedly built it from a kit. Smith sold it to Larry Long in Pennsylvania who raced it for several years and then sold it to Hugh Kleinpeter.  After Hugh's death it was offered for sale by Andy Greene and bought by John Rankin. 

7. Hugh Grammer's car - Beach's records show that Mk4B s/n 100 kit was shipped to Hugh Grammer on 9/18/64. In 1995 Hugh Kleinpeter wrote that Grammer got #100 and then sold it to Fred Cox before completing it. Grammer and Cox are both deceased, but Don Westerheide, who helped Grammer finish his Beach-Bandini, says that Grammer only had the one car, which he completed in late 1964. And Grammer's Beach-Bandini definitely raced in Texas in 1965-69 (Grammer is pictured in SCCA Sports Car racing at Green Valley 6/5/65), so that particular car can't have gone to Cox. 

8. Fred Cox's cars - Fred Cox of Nashville owned 3 cars, but didn't buy any of them directly from Beach.

9. Lotus Southwest cars - Gene Beach notes show that two cars were sent to Lotus Southwest in June and August 1965. One was un-numbered and the other numbered #103 . He recalls that there may also have been a Mk4 sent to Lotus Southwest, but it doesn't show on his shipping notes. All were unbuilt kits without engines.

9. Lee Clay's Car - Charlotte NC 1974-84? Looks like a Mk4 Beach body, LHD, Fiat engine, inboard rear brakes.

10. Cars racing in 1965 - I am pretty sure that the following Beach Mk4 and Mk4B cars were racing in 1965 - Here's an interesting photo of Downing, Cox, and Denton in June 1965: