VIR - October 1957 SCCA Nationals
The President's Cup

Program -

Photos by Harlan Hadley - Click for More
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Leon Townsend Photos
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Cunningham Team
XKSS & D-Types
Leon Townsend Photo
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Cunningham Team
XKSS & D-Type
Leon Townsend Photo

Charlie Wallace - D Jag
Leon Townsend Photo

David Cunningham-Ferrari TR
Leon Townsend Photo
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97- E.D. Martin - Ferrari 750 Monza
10- John Kilborn - Ferrari 290MM
William Tilghman photo
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Bill Burroughs 10/57?

Newspaper articles

Article - The Day the Jags Took Charge (from May 1958 program)   

Photos - from May 1959 Program

Photos - from VIR Club scrapbook

Race Report by Jerome T. McNamara from Jan-Feb 1958 SCCA Sports Car  magazine

Car Histories - See Ferrari At VIR

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